The Company Analysis as part of a Franchise Marketing Strategy contains a high level evaluation of your company, its financial health, overall strategy, marketing activities, and SWOT. Thinking about the reader, they will want to walk away with a good understanding of the company’s health.

Company Analysis


This is where you can look at your strategy to understand what the short, mid, and long range plans are for the business. However, if you don’t have a strategy, you will need to look at the current year’s objectives for the company. This should include:

  • 1) Company revenue projections
  • 2) Company profit target
  • 3) Company initiatives and projects
  • 4) Marketing initiatives and projects

The output of having this information will give you and the reader a sense of what the business is trying to achieve this calendar year.


Key marketing team members need to be identified along with their skill sets. Include their name, title, job description, and current calendar year objectives. Here, you are demonstrating the capabilities of your team and how they are positioned to achieve success. This will also highlight opportunities to improve the team.


Here the focus will be on identifying the marketing department’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s a holistic view of all things marketing.

Current/ Past Performance

Revenue and profitability of the overall company for the past three years (if available). Further to this, critical metrics from the marketing department need to be looked at, which may include ROI on programs, ad spend, and conversions, including a few examples.

Product Fit

Looking at the current products and services to check for overall company fit. If there is a new product or service, it is an excellent time to consider whether it fits with the company.


Taking the time to do a company analysis is a critical component of any marketing strategy. This insight will help you understand the gaps and opportunities from a marketing perspective. With this information, you can better understand how your company will be able to execute the marketing strategy.